Testimonies and Press-pack

Press Pack

PA Requirements for Private Events

We use our own mixer and mix the sound ourselves during a sound-check in the venue just before the actual event. We can usually borrow or rent the rest so this may incur a surcharge. If you have the appropriate equipment we are happy to use it providing it has been PAT tested. Our mixer requires power, as will monitors and loudspeakers so at least one plug will need to be located with 5m of the stage.

PA Requirements for Festivals

Eight inputs will be required for the band (assuming that an acoustic kit is not available and that James will be using his electric kit). There are five of us and one foldback each is ideal, if not one between Tom and David, one in front of James and one between Harri and Matt, will suffice. Matt’s accordion is especially tricky with feedback so extra care will need to be taken with it. Harri uses a wireless mic and often wanders into the audience with it, but we have very few feedback issues with it, obviously we don’t want the signal to conflict with any of your equipment so prior communication may be necessary.

Descriptions of the Band:

35 Words

Two Accordionists, Fiddle, Bass and Drums combine in a fiery melting pot to create an exciting and varied wall of sound that stretches all the way up to the cat on the hot tin roof.

70 Words

Two Accordionists, Fiddle, Bass and Drums combine in a fiery cacophony that weaves between irresistible, intense and frenzied jigs, reels and polkas, and soft delicate waltzes that will tug at your heartstrings. Playing a mixture of traditional, modern and self-penned tunes each picked from their eclectic melting pot, then lovingly arranged for your delectation; constantly striving to ensure that you have an excellent time whether you're dancing or just listening.