David Hooper - Bass & Guitar

The Band: David Hooper

David’s approach to music is a bit like David’s approach to cooking, prepare your ingredients accordingly, preheat the oven and make sure you allow for enough time to let the spices infuse properly. David’s playing is technical, well-rehearsed and imaginative, influenced by a combination of genres to give it that spicy zing. Whether it’s Jazz, Metal, Rock or Classical you hear most in his playing there will always be something interesting in his playing to keep your attention.

Tom and David share ‘tech’ responsibilities, so if you see David wondering about off stage he’s probably just making sure our mix is just right so that you have the best possible sound to dance to. Giving us enough time to sound-check properly before a ceilidh is really worthwhile because it means we can really take full advantage of the combined technical talents.

David’s usually in charge of the band kitchen, cooking rather wonderful grub and keeping us well fed with his culinary skills. Curries are his speciality and always without a jar in sight.