Harri Barton - Caller & Fiddle-Player

"It's Good, It's Jazzy, It's What We Like To See"

The Band: Harri Barton

'Scratching on the Strings of Love and Joy', our caller is sure to keep you on your toes as she leads you by the hand through various dances. Finding that rare middle ground between relaxed, accessible calling and a mad, energetic frenzy, Harri's blithe presence will soothe first-time-dancers whilst engaging veterans.

Not content to stand and watch, Harri will frequently be demonstrating moves with other band members or jumping off stage to help a set get into formation or aid in the discovery of the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise; (Curse you, Digital!) just generally being on hand to help.

Of course Calling is actually only half of Harri's job is calling, the other half being playing fiddle and the quicker the dancers are comfortable on their own the sooner she can pick it up.

After a number of personally harrowing experiences, including 'The Tulip Fiasco', 'The B.H. Incident' and the nightmarish 'Hes-East Strayaway Beeline Debacle', Harri's obsession with left-hand-stars has grown into a debilitating affliction, regularly other members of Capers and Japes have to force her to do right-hand-stars just to unwind.