Matt Brookes - Accordion

The Band: Matt Brookes

As one of our two accordionists Matt swaps between playing tune and rhythm parts. He has written a number of tunes that regularly wriggle their way into our sets, and along with our lovely caller, Harri, is responsible for choosing the dances that we play to.

He studied music at university in York, with a special interest in composition. At the time he gigged regularly with several bands including a jazz trio and 'Bramble Napskins', playing a variety of instruments. Currently he wants to do some travelling before he focusses on ice-cream-shaped-plans.

Matt recently gave up coffee (one of his most beloved vices) in order to allow for more time to explore the 'verse of teas.

He sees himself as chief-biscuit-eater at band rehearsals, and this is a role he takes very seriously. Of course, this is a competition hotly contested with the other members of the band, so Matt does occasionally find himself in second place and sipping consolation tea.