Tom Evans - Accordion

The Band: Tom Evans

Tom’s repertoire of excellent tunes is truly astounding and his extensive cd collection ensures that all of our tunes, some well-known, some rare are each brilliant, not forgetting our self-penned tunes which we will leave you to pass judgement on.

He is the player of the (marginally) smaller accordion, a red beauty, which often performs semi-nude, by which we mean with the treble grill off. Tom’s technical ability is tantamount to demonic, and his ‘cloven-hooved’ hands can be seen racing around the piano keys and stradella bass of his gorgeous Elka.

His musical technicality is matched only by his mental technicality. Born with a set screwdrivers strapped to his shin, Tom’s natural engineering mind-set places him in great stead equally, whether considering musical matters, instruments or devising wonderful new ways to mic up our accordions.

Mercifully, there is a lighter side and he can be found playfully 'pun-wrangling' with bandmates, friends and perfect strangers.